Day: May 9, 2020

The Rabbit Harness And Things Need To KnowThe Rabbit Harness And Things Need To Know

A safe and comfortable life is essential for pets. And that is even more true when you own a rabbit. Being a gentle pet, a soft and especially cute rabbit can be more dangerous than you think. So don’t leave your rabbits alone, it’s better if you go with them. And then, a rabbit harness will be what you need. Most owners often think that tying a rabbit to a cage will be good for them. But not. A rabbit needs to run and play as much as it needs water and food. Besides, this little friend also needs fresh air, warm winds, and freedom from the iron cage. That is why you need a rabbit harness for your rabbit.
However, distinguishing between types of rabbit harness and finding the best rabbit harness can be very difficult. You have to find a comfortable rabbit harness, but more importantly, it must be safe for your rabbit. Therefore, in this article, we will help you distinguish the most famous rabbit harness types today, as well as provide you with instructions on how to become a wise buyer when choosing a rabbit harness. So don’t waste any more time, get started right away!

Popular types of Best Rabbit Harnesses

What type of harness is best suited for your rabbit? Yes, there are two types of harnesses on the market today: the Vest harness and the H-harness. However, which one is what you are looking for? Let’s learn about these two types to get the best choice for your rabbit.

The Vest harness

The first type I want to mention is a vest harness. The vest is a perfect choice for small animals, especially rabbits. These wrap around the pet’s body, helping to prevent them from escaping easily. Typically, a vest harness is tied around the neck and waist with a Velcro. However, you must ensure that they are safe enough for your rabbits.


H-Harness is probably the perfect choice for rabbit owners. Moreover, you can easily find this type of harness in your local pet store or online store. True to its name, H-harness looks like an H on the side when wearing. It is equipped with two buckles –one located around the neck and waist. The buckle has the effect of adjusting the harness size to fit the pet’s body size. One of the advantages of H-harness is that it only affects the waist area, not the neck.

Shoulder Harness

In addition to the two popular harness types mentioned above, shoulder harness is also the right choice for your little one. Shoulder harness is suitable for rabbits who do not want to wear loops and straps. It has frontal harness straps like a horse harness. This design works to remove pressure from the neck and transfer it to the shoulder where the chain is attached.

Guide to buy the Best Rabbit Harness

Finding a suitable harness for your rabbit may not be a simple task. An important rule when choosing the best rabbit harness is the ability to fit one or two fingers between the waist and the collar of the rabbit. Also, with this measurement, you can tell whether it is too loose or too tight.

If you have trouble fitting your rabbit’s harness or it is too loose or tight, this is not what you are looking for because choosing the wrong harness could leave your pet uncomfortable or in danger. Also, we encourage you to seek professional advice, like a vet, who sells pet accessories.

Moreover, the material is also a matter of concern. You should buy harness made from elastic material to prevent your rabbit from moving freely and not choking while you try to pull it. However, one thing we need to remind is that you should not buy a collar because rabbits are at risk of being injured, which happens when your rabbit resists while wearing them. The most likely injury is a fracture around the neck, also known as strangulation.

Certainly, there are many good quality rabbit harnesses available in the market, but there are also some of them. For you to distinguish when making a purchase, you need to consider several important factors.


Size is the leading factor when choosing the best harness for your rabbit. The harness, if too tight, will make the rabbit uncomfortable and limit movement. But if too loose, there will be an uncontrollable rabbit. A good harness must be sufficient to hold the rabbit’s body close, but still, give your rabbit comfort and freedom of movement. After all, the leading role of a rabbit harness is to minimize the possibility of injury, not to leash it.

The durability

Like other pet products, the durability of the rabbit harness is significant. It will be annoying if your rabbit can only eat and play in the barn without any sweat; they also need to be outside to exercise, run, play with friends. This is good for their health, but it can also put your shaggy baby in danger, so a high-strength harness will let the rabbit run freely for a while. Long time without being damaged. If the harness is secure, you will have to change it often.


The next factor not to be missed is the flexibility of the rabbit. You should buy harnesses that can adjust the size to suit each rabbit’s activities such as running, jumping, climbing, etc. Not only that, but the harness you buy also needs to be equipped with an extension cord to take the rabbit for a walk. This will create a sense of security when the rabbit wears the harness.


It is not easy to wear a harness for rabbits; they may panic and startle the first few times. For that reason, rabbit comfort is paramount when buying a rabbit harness. You should make sure that the harness is made of high quality, soft material to bring comfort to this little friend.

In conclusion

Above is some useful information about the rabbit harness. We hope that after reading this article, you will better understand this product. Have a nice day.