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American curl Characteristics

About American Curl Cats

These long haired cats are often referred as the fully coated cats. American Curl have unique curled ears that give a perky and alert expression. This cat retains its kitten like behavior throughout their life, hence they are most popularly known as Peter Pan of the cat’s world.

Two Coat Types Of The American Cat

Long haired Cats

Cat with this coat types are most common type in which the coat appears fine with silky hair. The tails of the cats have no ruff and they looks like a full plume. The under coat is very thin.

Short haired Cats

The coat appears with silky soft hairs that present close to the body. They are plush and dense to touch. It also includes the minimal under coat. The length of the tailcoat is same as the body hair.

American Curl Breeds Pictures

 American Curl Cat Facts

  • If we ask any owners to describe about American Curl cats means, the first thing that they mentioning out is its outstanding temperament.
  • Since this is a people oriented cat and adjust well with all family members including other pets, they are often prized as the affectionate soul mate.
  • The ears of this cat are slightly large and erect. The ear curls from 90 to 180 degrees back towards the crown of head.
  • The three degrees of curls of these cats are
    • Slight curl
    • Partial curl
    • Full Crescent curl, which is most preferred
  • The ears should be handled very gentle; turning them in different direction can damage cartilage.
  • They have great flexibility and muscle tone, though their body is not such muscular. The female cats are larger than the male cats.
  • The main fact about the American Curl cats is that the line between their neck and ears is smooth.

 American Curl Cat Personality

  • They are very clever, highly sensible, alert and lively cats.
  • This pure lovely cat loves peace.
  • They are devoted, affectionate as well as loyal cats.
  • They consider nothing precious than spending time with their much loved person.
  • This curious cat stays in front of door to welcome you when you reach home and they can capable to figure out where you have been.
  • They enjoy in perching on your shoulder and they express their love by forehead kisses.
  • This is not an ideal pet for those who are busy at all time and who likes to have social life during nights, since they requires more attention.
  • Though they are not such active as other breeds, they are energetic and lively cats.
  • You can train them very easily; they can quickly learn how to fetch.
  • At the time they are not busy with chasing catnip mice, they likes to curl up on your lap for purring and pampering.
  • Head butting is their way to greet friends and family members.

Other Details

Origin  USA
Temperament  Affectionate, Outstanding, Playful, Social, Lively
Life Expectancy  14 to 15 Years
Size  Small to Medium
Colors  White, Black, Red, Blue, Cream, Chocolate, Lilac
Type  Long Haired Breeds
Female weight  5 to 8 Pounds
Male weight  7 to 10 Pounds
Coat  Flat Lying, Silky, Soft
Shedding  Minimal
Hypoallergenic  No
Independence  60/100

American Curl Cat Adoption

American Curl kittens have straight ears when they are born and that starts to curl within 82 days.  Some pet quality American Curl has straight ears, but the show quality cats should have curl ears. Since the ears are straight, it is hard to differentiate the American Curl kittens from others. For this reason, I recommend you to adopt the kittens from the reputable breeders. The American Curl price ranges from $1000 -$1400 for curl eared with normal colors. The cats blue eyed color points cost in the range $1400-$1600. If you like to have more details on American curl cat adoption, refer the following sites.

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