Plott Hound

Hunting dog of arresting color, which by tradition brings big game for tree or bay, Plott is alert, intelligent and confident. The dog is noted mainly for endurance, stamina, determination, agility and aggressiveness in hunting, well muscled, powerful, although streamlined Plott unite bravery along with athletic ability.

Other details

The other name for Plott Hound is Plotthund, and Plott.

Origin Germany and USA
Temperament Intelligent, Alert, Loyal, and Bold
Breed grouping (UKC)Scenthound Group, (AKC) Hound dog breeds
Life duration 12 to 14 years
Colors Black Brindle, Red Brindle, Brown Brindle, Blue Brindle, Black, Tan Brindle
Type of size Medium Dog breeds
Female weight 18 to 25 kg
Male weight 23 to 27 kg
Female height 50 to 58 cm
Male height 50 to 71 cm
Average price range $250 to $300 USD

Characteristics of Plott Hound

Cat Friendly

Good with Kids


Dog Friendly







Hypoallergenic    No

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