Turkish Van

About Turkish Van Cats

This natural breed was originated in Eastern Turkey. Turkish Van cats are also found in Iraq, Iran and South West Russia.  When describing about Turkish van cats, their beautiful chalk white body, color markings on the heads and plumed tails are something that can’t be missed out.

Coat Types Of Turkish Van Cat

  • English Coat- This coat is furrier, longer and thicker
  • Dutch Coat- This is slightly shorter, soft and plush

You can find both of these coat types in a single litter.

Turkish Van Breeds Picture

Turkish Van Cat Facts

  • This loving and sweet breed wants to be involved in all action.
  • Though these are not lap cats, they love curling up on your lap.
  • It is a slow maturing cat breed. The Turkish Van kittens take up to 3 to 5 years to reach complete maturity.
  • The cat has broad wedge head with oval eyes, small ears. Adult male cats often have jaws.
  • Though most of the Turkish Van cat demands the attention of their beloved people, they are very independent cat.
  • Generally, most cats sleep 17-18 hours a day, but the active Turkish Van seems to be awake all the time.
  • They have sturdy muscular body with large bones.
  • The fore legs of this cat are smaller than the hind legs.
  • The hairs in the tails should be colored evenly and it extends down to the whole length of tail.
  • The standard for eyes and coat of this cat differs between the UK and US cat registries.

Turkish Van Cat Personality

  • They attract the people not only with their fascination with water but also with its other qualities.
  • You can keep this cat outdoors but with safe, escape proof garden and shallow pond.
  • If your apartment has adequate space, toys & cat trees to enjoy climbing, then you can consider this cat.
  • These ideal companions adore both human and other pets. But they suits best for the family with young children rather than kids.
  • They are resourceful, highly intelligent and loyal cats.
  • They are often called as the swimming cats; they mingle well with the people who allow them to swim.
  • These demanding and talkative cats show great enjoyment at dinnertime.
  • The Character of the Turkish Van Kittens largely depends on the personalities of its mother.
  • They greet their master with love bites and head butts.

Other Details

Origin  Turkey
Temperament  Active, Loyal, Playful, Intelligent
Life Expectancy  15 to 16 Years
Size  Medium to Large
Colors  White with color on Tail and Head
Type  Long Haired Breeds
Female weight  7 to 12 Pounds
Male weight  9 to 20 Pounds
Coat  Dense, Soft, Silky
Shedding  Yes
Hypoallergenic  No
Independence  90/100

Turkish Van Cat Adoption

There are only few breeders for the Turkish Van cats. They remain as a rare cat breed. Turkish van price depends on the breeder quality, show quality and pet quality. The Turkish van kittens price $600 and more. The pet quality kitten prices in the range $350 to $600.  To know more about the Turkish Van cat Adoption refer the following sites.

  • PetFinder.com- http://www.petfinder.com/cat-breeds/Turkish-Van
  • Adopt a Pet.com-http://www.adoptapet.com/s/turkish-van-cats-for-adoption
  • Caster.com- http://www.catster.com/cat-breeds/Turkish_Van
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